Living a Life in Balance

Welcome to the opportunity for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle!

Nikken has been responding to the changing modern world and its effect on our health and environment for over 40 years. With its a vision to help people maintain healthier, more fulfilled lives Nikken allows people to reconnect with nature, while continuing to live and enjoy life in an increasingly technological society.

Many of us now experience an accumulation of physical and emotional stresses accentuated by the artificial environments within which we live: poor nutrition and hydration, insufficient exercise, poor sleep, artificial light, chemical pollution, long hours, fear, commuting, family strain, finances, and the effects of wi-fi and electromagnetic waves.

With it being virtually impossible to avoid these stresses Nikken offers the tools we need to take back control of our lives, and to help us thrive in the 21st Century.

One Wellness Home at a Time

The Wellness Home: This is the idea that your home should be the happiest, healthiest and safest environment for you and your family to live in. There are 3 key areas that make a wellness home: 1) Improved rest and relaxation (sleep) through our magnetic and sleep products: 2) A better environment - clean air, natural light and alkaline water; 3) wholesome nutritional supplements and skincare based on natural organic ingredients. These areas are the foundations of our lives and are vital to our health and wellbeing.

My Story

Discovering "My Why"

I want to empower people to be all they can be.

As an Energy Healer I re-balance the natural flow of my clients’ energies through releasing blockages and limitations caused by stored emotions, patterns and old belief systems.

I find that most of us are very ungrounded which can show by feeling light-headed, being unfocused, suffering from headaches, bumping into things, feeling drained and tired or being unable to finish tasks to name just a few. Using the Nikken products with my work speeds up the recovery process, re-energizes my clients and brings back clarity and a sense of being fully present.

I love supporting the people I work with, my family and myself with this amazing technology. It makes life so much easier and helps us sustain a healthy state of our natural energy systems bringing balance and harmony back into our lives.

Please do get in contact: Carmen Vesztergom, Brighton, (also including surrounding areas of Worthing, Lewes, Crawley, Hove, Ditchling, and Henfield), Sussex, carmen@nikkenergy.com, 0776 298 8567.


Old World Philosophy

Nikken's philosophy is based on the eastern philosophy of prevention of disease - the avoidance of illness, rather than the traditional approach of Western medicine focused on the curing of disease. Nikken's vision understands that wellness depends upon what we call the Five Pillars of Health - Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. If we experience stress in any of these areas, it will also have a wider effect on the other areas. For example, financial stress can impact upon all the other pillars as can health problems and family problems. A balanced approach to living strengthens each of these pillars and results in a more satisfying, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.


New World Technologies

The Nikken products are designed to combine powerful, natural technologies into everyday household objects that fit into our lives in a convenient way without requiring change to our routines or lifestyles. With this in mind the Nikken vision can be experienced by something as simple as adding our special insoles to your shoes; wearing our triphase jewellery and wraps during the day; incorporating our sleep system into your bed; and by bringing less stressful and more nourishing natural daylight, clean air, and alkaline, structured clean water into your home and workplace.

Harnessing Earth Energies

All human beings require connection with natural earth energies in order to thrive: earth, air, fire and water. The Nikken products use three state of the art technologies that draw upon these earth energies; the energising magnetics of the earth, the warming and detoxifying far infrared of the sun, and the negative ions of fresh mountain or forest air and the energised water of mountain streams. Each product contains at least one of these three technologies. Some contain all three and are known as TriPhase products.

The Science

The Nikken products have been researched and developed by scientists and physicists over many years harnessing the latest understanding of magnetism, far infrared, and negative ions, and how our electromagnetic bodies rely upon these natural frequencies in order to function effectively. This knowledge came to the Western world after the first astrounaut, Yuri Gagarin, went into space in 1962 (for just 1 hour and 48 minutes) beyond the reach of these frequencies. When he returned to Earth, he had severe bone loss (osteoporosis), decreased metabolism, loss of perception and his mental function was severely reduced. He suffered severe depression for the rest of his life. Just 1 hour and 48 minutes without the Earth's frequencies had that huge effect!

We know that we simply feel better when we are out in the open air, walking or standing barefoot on the grass or by water, in the sun, or breathing the fresh air in a forest. We need to be connected to these frequencies daily to have a strong voltage in our cells (healthy cells have a voltage of 70-110 millivolts). Modern indoor living and technologies are greatly reducing our ability to have a healthy cellular voltage. This is where the advanced technologies of Nikken step in to conveniently bring those natural frequencies into our homes.

The Nikken lifestyle - working in the background, 24/7

It takes no effort to passively receive the benefits of nature's energies with a Wellness Home: The easy way to a healthy lifestyle. We all need to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep; Nikken helps us do these things easily and better so that we can thrive and are better able to cope with modern day stresses.

Nikken products are increasingly used by people who do not have any specific ailments but simply want to enjoy better health and wellness (and do everything they can to prevent problems for themselves and their families in the future). Once you have a Wellness Home, you have it for life. People who have started using the Nikken products rarely go back and report really missing the benefits when away from them (eg. when on trips/holidays).


Helping thousands of people heal themselves

An internet search will reveal plenty of reviews and testimonials for the Nikken products (a small sample of feedback we have had from mostly local users is shown below). However I am always keen to provide opportunities for you to come and experience these powerful products for yourself (please contact me or see the news feed below for the latest information).

"I have had such a range of experiences with Nikken products from direct reduction of pain, fast bone healing, good quality sleep after a year of insomnia, plus more subtle benefits such as a real sense of general well being, vitality, youthfulness, confidence, energy and happiness. I love my Wellness Home and wouldn't ever give it up! Even our pets love the products! I would encourage everyone to live in a Wellness Home." NE, Brighton

"The magnets never let me down. Essential trusty friends for modern day living!" TK, Ditchling, Sussex

"For many years I have suffered from acute hayfever. I have tried both medical drugs (anti-histamines) and natural therapies such as homeopathy, vitamins and honey, none with any sustained success. This season I discovered the Kenko Air Filter - sleeping with it in my room at night which was often my worst time. My hayfever was markedly better and I awoke in the mornings clear of my usual symptoms; the Air Filter had a greater effect on my hayfever than anything else I have ever tried and I noticed if I had to spend a night away from home. I have also noticed my previous allergy to cats has diminished. I would love to have the Air Filter in every room in my house and in my office at work." JE, Brighton

"As a very down to earth person who always feels that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I can certainly recommend the Nikken magnets as very effective tools in relieving arthritic joint and general muscle and tendon pain and stiffness. However, I originally purchased a Nikken magnet to help combat a severe viral infection about eight years ago. This was my first experience of using one and to my utter amazement the magnet alleviated all sorts of bizarre symptoms and sensations which anyone who has experienced a viral infection will be aware of. In recent times, I have also suffered neuralgic damage and the magnet works incredibly well on releasing the infection and pain which often accompanies this, by using this alongside hot salt water bathes, I can keep totally on top of the symptoms which courses of antibiotics fail to do. You will find that your skin will often go red on the outside and this reddening will sometimes be very prominent or slight, depending on the severity of your condition. Sometimes you will also experience a slightly heated feeling. You will usually sense an immediate improvement in your symptoms within a few minutes. Use your own instincts as to how long you need to rub the magnet across your skin, you will soon judge what works best for your condition. My experience has always been that the magnet works safely on any part of the body, however if you have had a metal plate fitted anywhere or have a pacemaker then make proper enquiries with Nikken as to the safety of using one because it is a powerful tool and may have an impact." HB, Birmingham

For more video and audio testimonials please visit the Nikkenergy channels at youtube and soundcloud.

To try for yourself please come to one of our experiential demonstrations frequently held in Brighton and London (see the news feed below for times and dates or feel free to phone or email me).


The Nikken Product Range

Jewellery | Nutrition | Air | Water | Sleep | Skincare | Exercise | Rejuvenation | Light

The Nikken Range of Products | Jewellery | Air | Nutrition | Sleep | Magnetics | Skincare | Exercise | Water | Light | To order any of these products please click to visit my online shop

The Nikken Business Opportunity

Discover it. Live it. Share it.

Since its formation Nikken has become the fastest-growing direct selling company in Japanese history bringing it's vision to over 35 countries, with millions of customers and thousands of consultants, like myself, all focused on making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others by changing the world one Wellness Home at a time.

Central to Nikken's philosophy is the "Humans Being More" training program (something all consultants are encouraged to attend). It focuses on you: who you are, what you do and what you want out of life. It helps you understand your motivations, strengths, abilities, and objectives. Ultimately it helps define your "Why", your purpose and reason for "being". I think this aspect of the Nikken business is invaluable.

The Nikken opportunity is one of collaborative entrepreneurship. If you are looking for a heart centered Company and to work collaboratively with like-minded people to help others with their health and wellbeing, while making a living too, then this may be the business for you. Please do get in touch to find out more. We'd be happy to show you the opportunity.

Having something everybody needs, but nobody has

The really exciting thing about Nikken is the products are largely undiscovered. Consultants joining the industry now have the opportunity to join a global wellness movement that is already worth billions of pounds a year but is only just beginning in terms of potential. With Nikken you will be joining the global leader in the wellness industry with superbly researched and designed, easy to use, unique, patented products.

You will also become part of an exciting, happy, supportive team - both through joining your immediate colleagues, and through gaining access to inspirational world leaders and mentors through skype and international events and workshops.

Join our Team!

We are looking for positive, optimistic, spiritual, and inspiring people who are interested in self development and personal growth, and are excited about helping others make a difference in their own health and lifestyle. We are looking for people with an interest in alternative health and wellness, who are active in social media and networking, and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with others. We are looking for good listeners with empathy. It's all about health and wellness, and sharing fantastic life changing products with integrity and enthusiasm.

If this business opportunity sounds of interest please have a look at this short introductory video here.

We also have a facebook page here.

For further information on Nikken please contact me on 07762 988 567 or carmen@nikkenergy.com or visit my online shop here or via the My Nikken link below.

Contact Me

Email: carmen@nikkenergy.com

Phone: 0776 298 8567 (I am also available on Skype - please call to arrange)

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/is_my_passion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nikkenergy-1450581858577091/

My Nikken Online Shop: http://www.nikkenwellbeing.co.uk/info/carmen


Please note: Our Independent Nikken Consultants do not make any medical claims. Nikken products are not medical devices and may not be recommended to treat specific medical conditions.

People who are in their first 3 months of pregnancy, or who have a pacemaker, health problem or electronic device (either implanted or external) should consult their doctor or manufacturer of the device before using magnetic products.

Do not place Nikken's magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, video and audiotapes, computer discs, credit cards and portable electronic equipment.

Statutory Warning: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.








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